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Energy Efficient Cities Initiative


DELORES (Demand Load Reconstructor) is a stand-alone, open-source simulation tool for predicting end-use services demands in the buildings and transport sectors. It's tailored for analysis of individual occupants, buidings, and vehicles as well as for detailed analysis of large stocks or populations. DELORES can be used as an analytical tool in its own right, or can be used to generate hourly services demand profiles for use in common simulation platforms (e.g., EnergyPlus, TRNSYS, IES, etc.).



DELORES is currently in the Alpha testing phase. Both the source-code and compiled package are available for download and can be used for testing purposes. Click here to download DELORES.

Technical details, documentation, and contact details

The technical methodology of DELORES is currently under academic review. If you have any questions for the developer, please contact Adam Rysanek.