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Building Cost Information Service (BCIS)

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS UK) manages the BCIS, which provides a range of building cost estimators, but primarily focusing on new builds. The calculators seem to be based on empirical data. The online building cost tool, for instance, is said to be based on the cost analyses 16,000 building projects in the UK (representing over 550 building types). Other calculators include: the BCIS construction duration calculator, the BCIS building running costs calculator, the BCIS rebuild cost calculator. As the data is available only by purchasing a membership, it is difficult to assess how useful the calculators may be for engineering analysis. The BCIS website seems to focus on building planners, insurance agents, which is understandable. There may not be a large component of energy efficiency-related cost calculations, if at all.

Type(s) of Data: New building cost estimation tools (including a housing-only tool). Existing buildings may be calculated using a running-cost calculator or other services. Requires more research…

Data Coverage: Entire UK (but using a dataset of select construction projects; see above)

Data Availability: Available if membership purchased, some data in publications

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