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Energy Efficient Cities Initiative


All commercial properties in the UK must be valuated by the VOA for tax purposes. The results of these property valuations are available online, consisting primarily of floor area surveys of interior spaces within the premises. However the VOA also collects information on wall thicknesses, roof types, occupancy types, and other details useful for building modelling. This data may be publicly available (just not posted online) and in a format that can be integrated with GIS software. However, to determine the real extent to which this is possible will involve contacting VOA directly.

Type(s) of Data: Building surface area (including floor area of individual rooms), number of occupants and their activities, number of floor level(s), type of structural and mecahnical systems (e.g., HVAC), materials of walls and roofs

Data Coverage: Most of England and Wales, although it is unsure whether all buildings possess the same depth of detail

Data Availability: The website database only contains data on floor areas and total valuation. The larger database (including the material/building surveys) may also be freely available, but this would need to be confirmed directly with the VOA.