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Energy Efficient Cities Initiative


At the EU-level, irradiance models to map solar insolation across the continent. A front-end GUI is offered for users to access the data. Insolation is provided for horizontal and tracking surfaces. For time series, the data is available either daily, monthly, or annually. Wind resource data is managed seperately by DECC. Local measurements taken across the UK are used to model an approximate GIS distribution of the annual mean windspeed across the country. Local wind effects generated by mountains, seas, and valleys are not modelled and thus a source of uncertainty. Wind data resolution is 1 km2, at elevations of 10 m, 30 m, and 45 m AGL.

Type(s) of Data: GIS-based solar and wind energy resource estimations

Data Coverage: Entire UK

Data Availability: Freely available. Solar data is downloadable per geographic coordinate. Full GIS package for wind energy is downloadable.