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Transport Fuel Consumption and Emissions Statistics at the Local Authority Level

Similar to the MLSOA Electricity and Gas data, DECC provides electricty, gas, and transport fuel consumption statistics at the local authority level. Electricity and gas statistics are aggregated from the MLSOA data above and need little further mention. Transport fuel consumption statistics are determined in a completely different, and complex manner. The data on transport fuel consumption was collected by AEA, which coordinates the National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory (NAEI) of the UK. Road transport fuel consumption data required three core processes: 1) receiving a list of all vehicles in the UK from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and creating average values of the fleet type and fuel-mix of vehicles in the UK, ignoring geographic differences and fleet age; 2) Synthesize traffic from distributed road census points to create a map of traffic patterns throughout the UK (requries approximation where census data is not available); and 3) Calculate average fuel usage and emissions using vehicle fuel consumption/emissions statistics from the Transport Research Laboratory.

Type(s) of Data: Annual transport fuel consumption and emissions statistics at the local authority level (per fuel/vehicle type)

Data Coverage: Entire UK

Data Availability: Freely available.