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Energy Efficient Cities Initiative


The Department of Communities and Local Government instituted the NCM database to facilitate the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). The database lists the salient conductive and radiative properties of building envelope materials. It also provides reference data on the thermal heat gain of occupants and their activities. The data feeds primarily into BRE's Simple Building Energy Model (SBEM). A variety of sources feed into the database, including BRE, CIBSE, BS/ISO standards, to name a few. The database seems oriented to allow engineers in either England & Wales or Ireland to determine the thermal properties of building materials by choosing an approximate construction data and associated building standard.

Type(s) of Data: Conductive (e.g., U-values) and radiative (e.g., transmissivity and absorptivity) properties of building envelope materials (e.g., doors, windows, walls, roofs, floors, etc.); thermal heat gain properties of building occupants and their activities.

Data Coverage: Most of UK, although some data is specifically oriented towards England & Wales and Ireland

Data Availability: Freely available.