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Middle/Lower Layer Super Output Area (MLSOA/LLSOA) Electricity and Gas Consumption Statistics

DECC provides statistics of electricity and gas consumption that are aggregated up to the Middle Layer Super Output Area (MLSOA) level. The MLSOA level is a collection of census areas within each UK county containing a population of only 5,000 to 7,200. MLSOAs are themselves aggregates of the Lower Level Super Ouput Areas (LLSOAs) which each have a mean population of 1,500. There is one British post code for every LLSOA. Data is recorded annually from 2004 up to at least 2007. The data is collected by DECC from individual distributors, but is aggregated to at least the LLSOA level to maintain data protection rights.

Type(s) of Data: Annual electricity and natural gas consumption statistics per MLSOA/LLSOA: total domestic meters, total industrial meters, total electricity/gas consumption per MLSOA/LLSOA (and whether domestic or industrial), average consumption per meter (domestic or industrial). Gas measured in units of energy (kWh)

Data Coverage: Entire UK, although Scotland has a different sort of MLSOAs

Data Availability: Freely available.