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Digimap and the Generalized Land-Use Database (GLUD)

Digimap offers a collection of UK "Ordinance Survey Products'', that are freely available to academic institutions in the UK. The products represent GIS data packets, which altogether provide high-resolution mapping of the UK's transportation networks (road, rails, and pathways), regional and urban boundaries, individual building outlines (via polygons), etc. The maps can b combined with additional 3rd-party GIS products, such as the UK government's Generalized Land-Use Database (GLUD). GLUD provides supplementary data on the urban built form by distinguishing between domestic and non-domestic buildings, for instance. Digimap is managed by EDINA (University of Edinburgh), and GLUD is managed by the UK Communities and Local Government agency.


Type(s) of Data: Transportation networks, land-use types, individual building layouts (distinguished between domestic and non-domestic)

Data Coverage: Entire UK

Data Availability: Digimap is free for all academic institutions and GLUD is free for all.