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Energy Efficient Cities Initiative


DUKES offers the most comprehensive statistical database of the UK's energy resources, consumption, supply, and demand. The number of statistics covered by DUKES is too long to list here (but a brief attempt is made of the most salient statistics). It is important to note, however, that where consumption/supply data is provided, it is often an aggregate of data provided by individual suppliers/distributors/generators/ESCOs, etc. Some statistics are aggregated up to the county/regional level, but most are aggregated upwards to the national level. This is not to say that the disaggregate data is not collected by DUKES, however. It just doesn't seem to be available from the online database.


Type(s) of Data:

  • Fossil Fuel Resources: Location (by region) and stock size of coal mines (by mine/coal type); Location (by region) and transaction summary of fossil fuel import terminals; Oil and gas stocks (including regional locations of reserves and pipelines)
  • Electricity: Name, fuel type, capacity, owner, and construction date of power stations in the UK; generation, capacity, and supply of UK electricity generators based on fuel type;
  • Renewables: Generation, capacity, and supply of energy from renewable resources (by resource type);
  • Prices: Monthly/annual domestic and industrial retail price indexes of petrol, gas, and oil; international price comparisons of fossil fuel commodities against the EU; Regional variation of payment method for electricity and gas; Percentage of domestic customers by region by supplier


Data Coverage: Entire UK

Data Availability: Freely available; downloadable via DUKES website