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Energy Efficient Cities Initiative


CARMA is a Washington-based NGO/think tank. Its goal is to collect information on all worldwide power generating stations, which includes energy and emissions outputs, as well as geographical coordinates, and mention of the power plant operator. Due to limitations provided by CARMA's data suppliers, the fuel type of each generating station is not explicitly defined, although this can be synthesized accurately by either seperately searching the generator's name (i.e., Googling) or correlating the emissions intensity of the plants with literature. Also, at first glance, the accuracy of the GIS coordinates seems patchy, whereas the power stations of some cities is located (erroneously) at the center of the city (i.e., where the main google locator for the city is). Expected technology/policy trends does seem to be factored into the analysis, as data is also available for future periods (i.e., 2020). However, it is unclear whether this data is verified or represents a complete set of the power stations in the UK. This dataset can be considered part of the following "Regional Energy Consumption, Supply, and Demand Statistics" section as well.

Type(s) of Data: Data on the ownership, size (energy and emissions outputs), and location (GIS) of power generating stations

Data Coverage: Should cover entire UK, but the data is not externally-verified

Data Availability: Freely available.