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Existing equipment within CUED


The following equipment is available for borrowing from the Cambridge University Engineering Department:

  • Two infra-red thermometers
  • Two hand-held temperature and humidity sensors
  • Two hand-held air flow sensors
  • One digital laser distance meter
  • One thermal imaging camera
  • One air blower door fan and digital manometer
  • Temperature and humidity data loggers

The above equipment is available from Martin Touhey, the Chief Technician in the CUED Structures lab. All equipment must be signed for when borrowing.

Infra-red thermometers

These hand-held infra-red thermometers can be used to assess the temperature of any surface and can be used at a distance. Just point and shoot!

Infra-red thermometer

Temperature and humidity sensors

Small and light, these sensors can be carried around easily and are very reliable.

Temperature and humidity sensor

Air flow sensor

These lightweight air flow sensors are useful for detecting leaks in rooms, or for measuring the air velocity from a mechanical ventilation unit.

Air velocity sensor

Digitial laser distance meter

The engineering department does have a couple of tape measures for borrowing, but if that isn't convenient, try using this digital laser distance meter.

Digital laser distance meter

Thermal imaging camera

This camera can be used to generate images such as the one in the picture below, and are useful in showing where heat is being lost from in a building.

Thermal imaging camera

Air blower door fan and digital manometer

This air blower door test kit from Retrotec can be used to measure the air leakage in dwellings, offices, or small buildings. After sealing the building, the door frame and fan can be put in place, and the digital manometer can be used to control the fan speed and measure the air flow.

See the specifications for the fan and the digital gauge for more details about the equipment. Read the door fan and digital gauge operation manuals for instructions on how to set up the equipment, and read the residential air leakage testing manual for information on how to conduct an air pressurisation test. Alternatively, see the quick guide for a reduced set of instructions.

Retrotec equipment

Temperature and humidity data loggers

These USB data loggers from Signatrol are ideal for measuring the temperature and humidity of an internal environment over an extended period of time. They are very easy to set up: simply plug them into your computer and fill in the details of how you want the logger to record - e.g. length of recording period, frequency of measurements, accuracy of measurements, start date, end date, etc.

Measurements can be downloaded using software provided on a dongle, and data can easily be imported into Excel or other formats. See the SL54USB specifications for more details about the data loggers.

Signatrol data logger

In addition, CUED has a stock of more robust Tiny Tag data loggers, which have similar capabilities to the Signatrol loggers. See the TG-4080 specifications for more details.