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Image dimensions: Home page: carousel/large images - 883 x 431px (i.e. full page width with no right-hand sidebar) Teaser images/on-page images - 250px square Second level pages: carousel/smaller image 590 x 288px Teaser portlet: 349 x 125px

EECi logos in various formats

Carousel images

Images used to display on the main page carousel - **883 x 431 px only**


Small, square images for use as thumbnails across the site - **250px square**

Smaller carousel images

Images used to display on non-main page carousels - ** 590 x 288px only**


Westminster HeatMap Buildings Small

Westminster HeatMap Roads Small

Westminster HeatMap CO2

Westminster HeatMap NOx

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load histograms update


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B-bem images

Images for B-bem research page