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Energy Efficient Cities Initiative

Geothermal systems, Thermal response test, Building physics


Wonjun Choi is currently a research fellow at the Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo. He specializes in inverse parameter estimation and building physics. He has been collaborating with the Energy Efficient Cities initiative since 2015. The collaborative research subjects are stochastic parameter estimation under a Bayesian framework and exergy analyses in the built environment. 
His previous works were focused on inverse estimation of ground thermal properties and development of experimental apparatus for thermal response and performance tests. He completed his Ph.D. in Architecture at the University of Tokyo, Japan and MSc and B.S. in Architectural Engineering at the University of Seoul, Korea.

Postdocotral Research Fellow
Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo
Topic: Bayesian inference, Exergy analysis
Dr. Wonjun  Choi

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