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Melanie Jans-Singh

Melanie Jans-Singh

First Year PhD Student

CDT in Future Infrastructure and Built Environment

Topic: Urban Farming

Supervisor: Dr. Ruchi Choudhary


Melanie is a second year PhD student, looking at optimising and integrating urban farming into urban infrastructure. Space, heat, CO2 and water available and wasted in cities could be used to grow plants. Her research in urban farming is centred around three projects: 

(1) Monitoring growing environments to optimise resource use, in spaces not initially designed for urban farming, such as with Growing Underground;

(2) Building a methodology to evaluate the potential of rooftop integrated greenhouses in London, with a focus on schools;

(3) Implementing urban farming into an office building.


Before coming to Cambridge, she read Civil and Environmental Engineering at Imperial College London, and completed her Masters in hydrology and hydraulic engineering at ETH Zurich.