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Before joining the Energy Efficient Cities initiative in February 2015, Kathrin Menberg was a Postdoc at the ETH Zurich and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany, working on life-cycle assessment of renewable energy technologies, in particular deep geothermal systems. In 2013 Kathrin received a PhD degree from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, where she investigated alterations of shallow groundwater temperatures caused by anthropogenic activities and climate change, with a focus on modelling underground heat transport processes and the subsurface urban energy balance. Kathrin completed her diploma (MSc-equivalent) in Applied Geology from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in 2010, working on subsurface thermal properties and their influence on the application of shallow geothermal systems.

Kathrin’s current research at the EECi focuses on the investigation and development of new approaches of uncertainty analysis and quantification for energy management of non-domestic buildings. Her work includes sensitivity analysis, thermodynamic energy supply system modelling, and Bayesian inference of different sources of uncertainty in building energy models.


Key publications: 

Menberg, K., Heo, Y. & Choudhary, R. Sensitivity analysis methods for building energy models: comparing computational costs and extractable information. Energy and Buildings 133, 433-445 (2016)

Menberg, K., Heo, Y., Augenbroe, G. & Choudhary, R. New Extension of Morris method for sensitivity analysis of building energy models. Building Simulation and Optimization – 3rd IBPSA England Conference 2016

Menberg, K., Pfister, S., Blum, P. & Bayer, P. A matter of meters: state of the art in the life cycle assessment of enhanced geothermal systems. Energy and Environmental Science 9, 2720-2743 (2016)

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Menberg, K., Blum, P., Kurylyk, B.L., & Bayer, P. Observed groundwater temperature response to recent climate change. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 18 (11), 4453-4466 (2014)

Menberg, K., Blum, P., Schaffitel, A. & Bayer, P. Long Term Evolution of Anthropogenic Heat Fluxes into a Subsurface Urban Heat Island. Environmental Science & Technology 47, 9747-9755 (2013)

Menberg, K., Bayer, P., Zosseder, K., Rumohr, S. & Blum, P. Subsurface urban heat islands in German cities. Science of the Total Environment 442, 123-133 (2013)

Menberg, K., Steger, H., Zorn, R., Reuss, M., Proell, M., Bayer, P. & Blum, P. Determination of thermal conductivity in the subsurface using laboratory and field experiments and theoretical models. Grundwasser 18(2), 103-116 (in German) (2013)

Research Associate, B-bem Project
Uncertainty Analysis of Building Energy Systems
Dr Kathrin C. Menberg

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