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Dr. Denis Garber

Dr. Denis Garber

Present: Geotechnical Engineer, WorleyParsons Ltd, Canada

2010 - 2013: PhD Student

Topic: Ground Source Heat Pump System Models in an Integrated Building and Ground Energy Simulation Environment


Denis was a PhD research student as a part of a joint project between Cambridge University, MIT and Tsinghua University. This research developed a new generation of tools for examining the technology, management, policy, and legislation issues that will allow a step change in the use of deep enhanced geothermal extraction and shallow ground source heat pump systems in order to provide useful low carbon renewable energy at the “city” scale for heating and cooling buildings and infrastructures. This research examined the potential of the geothermal energy in contributing to the ending dependence on fossil fuels and of the ground source energy systems at the city scale for heating and cooling buildings and infrastructures. Through this research, a suite of new generation analysis tools was developed that will not only build confidence in large scale applications of geothermal systems integrated with urban infrastructure, but allow relative comparisons with other candidate technologies – such as combined heat and power systems, air-source, air source heat pumps, solar-thermal systems etc.