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Energy Efficient Cities Initiative



As a PhD research student, Bryn worked on Distributed Energy Resource (DER) systems, supervised by Dr. Ruchi Choudhary. His research aimed to update the previously developed DENO model to include capabilities for application in rapidly developing cities, with focus on Bangalore, India. This update has been incorporated directly into the open source modelling framework Calliope, from which research was conducted into the effect of uncertain demand profiles, uncommon drivers, such as daily power supply outages, and integration of spatial information tools.


Bryn is part of the Future Infrastructure and Built Environment Centre for Doctoral Training (FIBE-CDT) program and holds an MRes from the FIBE-CDT and an MEng in Energy, Sustainability and the Environment from the University of Cambridge.


Postdoctoral researcher in the Energy Modelling team of the Climate Policy Group at ETH Zurich
Dr. Bryn  Pickering


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