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Energy Efficient Cities Initiative



Adam first joined the Energy Efficient Cities initiative in Fall 2009 as a PhD student, and has undertaken research primarily in the design of low-carbon buildings and energy systems for cities. His PhD research focused on developing a new method and toolset for assessing building retrofit viability based on detailed engineering and economic models. The goal was to determine a low-cost technique for facilitating design and decision-making under technical and economic uncertainty. In 2013, after completing his PhD, Adam joined the EECi as a Research Associate. In this new role, he developed the work package for the EECi City of Westminster project, and pursued investigative research into integrated distributed energy cogeneration with electric vehicle charging. Adam was the lead developer of the Distributed Energy Resource Modelling Suite (DERMOS). The DEmand LOad REconStructor (DELORES), an offshoot of DERMOS, has since been packaged and released as a generalized software tool for the research and non-research community.

Present: Postdoctoral Researcher, Future Cities Lab, ETH Zurich
2013 - 2014: Research Associate, EECi
2009 - 2013: PhD Student
Topic: A Method for Deep Building Retrofit Decision-Making using Sequential Models
Dr. Adam  Rysanek

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